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Mr. Mazen Al-Tarazi is recognized as one of the leading self-made businessmen in the Gulf region. Through strategic investments, visionary leadership, and expertise, he was able to expand and diversify his business activities across four continents. He has founded multiple companies specializing in a variety of industries, including oil field development services, advertising, publishing, distribution, finance, commerce, construction, and general trade.

Mazen al tarazi
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& Endowments

Mr. Mazen Al-Tarazi is a philanthropist, who has been long involved in supporting marginalized groups. He has fully funded Nasmat Amal, a humanitarian initiative and a charitable organization with the goal of providing medical and financial assistance to families impacted by the war in Syria. The organization’s stated goal is to alleviate the hardship on individuals impacted by war through direct investments that widen their access to health care, education and employment opportunities. To date, the organization has put millions of dollars to work which has directly and indirectly benefited over 200,000 beneficiaries.



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Al-Tarazi launching a center for prosthetic limbs

For the first time in the middle east, Mr. Al-Tarazi announced a new project that aim to establish a center for the manufacturing and installation of prosthetic limbs. The contract is led by a specialized German company

mazen al-tarazi

Christmas Dinner for the orphans of the martyrs 
About 200 of the sons and daughters of the martyrs participated in a Christmas dinner and party hosted by businessman Mazen Al-Tarazi. The event included a musical concert as well as distribution of gifts to the kids

Al-Tarazi honors 197 students
Mr. Mazen al-Tarazi hosted a large event for 197 students where he handed them scholarships and school equipment. In his speech, Mr. Al-Tarazi  encouraged the students to pursue their dreams and ambitions

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