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Tarazi Foundation

Mr. Mazen Al-Tarazi is a philanthropist, who has been long involved in supporting marginalized groups. He has fully funded Nasmat Amal, a humanitarian initiative and a charitable organization with the goal of providing medical and financial assistance to families impacted by the war in Syria. The organization’s stated goal is to alleviate the hardship on individuals impacted by war through direct investments that widen their access to health care, education and employment opportunities. To date, the organization has put million of dollars to work which has directly and indirectly benefited over 200,000 beneficiaries.


Alleviate the hardship on families impacted by war. Provide educational opportunities for marginalized groups. Support the civic contributions of youth the country’s socio-economic development.

mazen al tarazi
mazen al tarazi
mazen al tarazi


Health Care Support

To date, the project has paid for more than six thousand surgical operations and has donated ambulances, wheelchairs, and medical equipment.

Surgical Operation



Surgical Beds

Access to Education

Providing scholarships and scholastic opportunities for students to continue their education in Syria and abroad. 

Local Scholarships

Abroad  Scholarships

Social Empowerment

Providing basic rights for marginalized families by granting direct cash assistance to thousands of families across the country who have had trouble covering basic expenses.

Families Benefited

Houses Built


Cultural Support

Support and donate to churches in Kuwait and in Lebanon and proving meals to those in need, during ramadan. 


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